The Wisdom of Pooh

The Wisdom of Pooh

I liked this and thought I'd share.

Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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Oh yes, Pooh is one of my favorite philosophers...thank you.
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He's one of my faves, too.

I took one of my close friends for his first colonoscopy this morning. Thankfully, he's all good. No polyps. No tumors. Recheck in ten years. Today is a good day. I just thought I'd share my relief. (He's had bloody stools lately and I think I was dreading his scope more than he was.)
You probably were because you have a clearer understanding of what a bad report would really mean...

Yeah! for your friend and Amen!
You've delivered me back to childhood for a moment or two! I remember this very illustration......
How apt the sentiment is for a website such as this where we tend to obsess about what the future holds for ourselves or a loved one. Thanks for sharing.....Prayers and positive energy to you and your friend Brian.
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PS here is some good news about colorectal cancer detection...maybe the dreaded colonoscopy will become a thing of the past.
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Hey Sis I love this so much...Today ... my favorite day especially when your in it! love and hugs Sabina:)
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I like this so much! How are you, Danean?
Hey there, Cherie! I'm sorry for the delayed reply. I wanted to wait until I was on my computer to respond.

I'm doing well. I got my thyroid-induced "crazy eyes" fixed in December. That's a relief! And thankfully, my thyroid levels have been back in normal ranges without medication for the last seven months. Thank God! I had *five* endocrinologists tell me I needed to have my thyroid removed. I'm SO glad I listened to my gut and just kept firing endos until I got a very conservative one! (This sort of makes me wonder if I could've kept my gallbladder, too.)

I hope you're doing well! Jeanne and Betty and I get together from time to time. Would you like to join us sometime? We'd love to have you!

Happy day to you!

What was finally done to get your thyroid under control? Please keep me in the loop when you plan lunches. I may not be able to attend all, but hopefully some!
So glad you are better!!!!
I was on 5mgs. of Methimazole for about a year. Once I reached normal ranges for several months in a row, we got me off of it. My thyroid had self-corrected, just as my new endo had expected. I'm overjoyed by this! The fewer meds I need to take, the better! (I'm now trying to wean myself off of my hormone replacement therapy, and it's brutal trying to adjust it correctly! Here's hoping I can pull it off!)

I'll keep you in the loop about lunch. Yay!

How are *you* doing?

Thank You I love Pooh!!!
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Thanks again for this, I've shared it and everyone is happy when they see it.
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Man-o-Manitoba it took me months to get to this post, Danean; and it was worth the wait.
Does it get any better than Pooh and Piglet taking a walk together.
You are just wonderfully lovable.
Hugs and love to you.
You're such a sweetie for posting this.
Never gets old.
Hugs to you Danean
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The waiting and wondering, and the worry that causes me and my loved ones.

That God gets very close and real when crisis hits.

Go get your colonoscopy!

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