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Anal Cancer, HPV & Marcia Cross

I hope this link works. Bravo to Marcia Cross!


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I love her, it's so wonderful to have a voice and face (as beautiful as hers no less) taking the stigma out this disease. I'm extremely appreciative of her efforts, it couldn't have been easy to come forward and yet she is most definitely saving lives by drawing attention.
Thanks for sharing, Danean!
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Thank you for sharing Danean. I hope you are well!
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Thank you for posting this, Danean! I admire her very much for her honesty and openness about this disease. I hope you are doing well my dear friend! Hugs!
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Hi Danean! Thanks for this link. I have tons of respect for Marcia Cross, a good actor and good human. Miss youūüėė
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The only good think about bad things is bringing awareness. Marcia Cross (redheads = my Kryptonite) brings a realism of cancer to the public, much like the highly likeable Alex Trebek is bringing a popular face to PanCan. PSA with "The Incredible Hulk" making a commercial with Alex letting others know that some people, even with this disease (PC), can survive another half a dozen years and then some.


John (very busy, but I promise I will post again)
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THanks for posting! We should share this widely outside the "expert" communinity on BFAC...on Facebook if you are a poster there...
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I'm not on Facebook,so I hope others will share it there.

Nice to hear from you! :-)
The same to you! have posted on my anal cancer website and on FB...
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Eight Years & a Question

Howdy.  Today marks eight years since the surgeon removed the tumor from my butt, essentially changing my status to NED (no evidence of disease).  Wow.  Eight years!  It seems a lifetime ago, yet it feels like yesterday.

I spent a good part of this morning going through a journal I had written in shortly before, during, and for about a year after I was diagnosed and treated for Stage II Rectal Cancer.  I'd not read that journal since I wrote it.  Man, what a hot mess I was - physically, mentally and emotionally - during that time! 

I highly encourage anyone going through treatment or shortly out of treatment to journal your thoughts and feelings.  If nothing else, years down the road, you'll be able to look back and see how much you were forced to face and see how much you've changed and grown because of it. 

Reading that journal was a mixed bag of emotions - immense gratitude to God that I'm still here and leading a relatively normal post-cancer life, relief that follow-up appointments no longer cause intense anxiety, frustration that I'm still in a lot of daily physical pain from the radiation, amazement that I didn't just crumble, sadness and some survivor's guilt that we've lost so many friends on here and that I've lost seven people in my non-BfaC life over these eight years, bewildered that I never took the time or devoted the energy needed to incorporate some of the deep lessons I'd learned that year, but perhaps the most intense emotion I had while reading my experiences in the Hell of cancer was compassion for those in the midst of it.  I read over and over how alone and radically misunderstood I felt in that first year, and that prompted me to reach out again to a friend who is mid-way through his battle with the same strain of beast I fought.

My friend's name is Dirk.  He has Stage II Rectal Adenocarcinoma, just like I had.  He is roughly my age (49).  He's self-employed, like I am.  His tumor was graded T3, N0, M0; me, T2, N0, M0.  He had the same radiation and Xeloda (oral chemo) treatment as I had.  He had the same surgery as I had, though he's sporting a temporary ileostomy and I was spared that.  Here's where my question on his behalf comes in - follow-up chemo.  I didn't have any, so I am unable to tell him what to expect if he decides to follow his oncologist's recommendations.  Dirk's oncologist wants him to follow up with a 5-FU pump every two weeks and oxaliplatin every three weeks, both for six months.  Dirk is a contractor and has a large family to support, and he's concerned that the follow-up chemo may inhibit his ability to work.

My questions are to those of you who have had a (Fluorouracil) 5-FU pump, (Eloxatin) Oxaliplatin, or a combination of the two: What were your side-effects?  Were you able to continue working during treatment?  Do you have any lasting side-effects that you attribute to that chemo regimen?  I know everyone's body reacts differently, but I told Dirk I'd ask around to see what first-hand knowledge I could glean from all of you.  (I'm trying to get him to join in here, but for now, he's asked me to ask y'all and relay your answers to him.)

Thank you so much to my friends on here who have encouraged me, celebrated milestones with me, mourned the loss of my dad and other loved ones with me, prayed for me, and listened to me over these last seven or so years I've been on here.  And a massive thank you to Jill for creating this place so that nobody has to feel alone when facing cancer.  (Remember that when you click on any of the advertisements you see on here, Jill gets a little bit of money to keep this site going for us.  Please remember to click the ads!)

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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Lenaecpht sent you a prayer.
Admin sent you a hug.
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So great to hear from you. Yeah eight years. Time flies. Love you sweetie.
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Love you, too, my friend! Mmmmuah!
Hey there buddy! I'm a year behind you and counting on it staying that way.

I had 5FU through the port for two rounds, for the anal cancer. (And what a perfect name for it) The Mitomycin that I had for one round really knocked me out and the oncologist did not give the second round...I had lost of mouth sores first time around, not bad second round...what did give me grief was the FPIES (food protein immune emesis syndrome or something like that...) which caused me to have a massive rejection of dairy protein..at both ends...took a year to recover. Fortunately it is pretty rare...I'm doing reasonably well now and don't really have any thing that I cannot eat. A HUG to Dirk!!!
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Thanks so much, Helen! As always, you're an invaluable resource! I'll pass this info and your hug along to Dirk.

Too bad we don't live closer. We could go celebrate together!
Well, we could always travel! Meantime, the main message is that, while the treatment is brutal, things will get better!!
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Hi Danean! So nice, this post made my day. Congratulations on your eight years. Time goes by so fast. I was retired 9 years on October 3rd! I feel the same about journaling. It's good to go back and see where your mind was at certain times in your life. Ironically, I always journalled. But during tx , when I should have been recording, I was lax! I'm sorry you lost so many people, one being your Father. And Betty, God rest her soul. You are such a kind and loving soul, you should only have good days in your life. God bless and keep in touch. Hello to Jeanne. Love youūüėė.
Aww, thanks, Marcia! I hope to see Jeanne again soon. I'll be sure to tell her you said hi. : )
Hi Danean, good to hear from you. I don't post much anymore, but do try to make comments when others post. I am so sorry for the loss of your father and others. Still can't believe we lost Betty. I had the 5 fu pump, along with the mitomycin and daily radiation, so it's hard for me to pinpoint which poison caused which misery. Sorry, I am not much help. Perhaps, having the 5 fu alone without all the other will be more bearable for your friend. I wish him strength and wisdoms to carry on. Take care my friend. Cherie

Hi Danean! It is so good to get an update from you! Congratulations on reaching the 8-year mark! I am so, so happy for you! While this is a time of reflection, may it also be a time of looking forward. Your future is bright!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. As for side effects of the chemo drugs he is getting, the only one on the list I had was 5-FU. Since I also had mitomycin, I'm not sure which drug caused which side effects. I had mouth sores, loss of appetite, some nausea, and fatigue. I also had major diarrhea, but that was most likely caused by the radiation. Perhaps someone else here can be of more help than I am in answering your questions. I wish Dirk all the very best and hope he tolerates his treatment well and that it is successful.

Continue taking good care of yourself, my dear friend. I really feel fortunate to know you through this blog and your support has always meant a great deal to me. I have thought of you often and I am so happy to know you are doing well. I send prayers for your continued well-being and I will also keep Dirk in my prayers. Big hugs to you!
To start, congratulations on this 8 year anniversary! We are fighters here! I did the same thing yesterday, going through all my posts, memories, some a lifetime ago and some feel like yesterday's . I even told my sister she needs to write because it is so therapeutic, maybe not in the now but definitely later.

I had the chemo your friend is contemplating. As you said, each of us feel it differently. But, if his onco recommend it he should do it. It can come with some lasting effects no doubt that needs to be taken serious, but his survival chances are of utmost importance.
I still deal with neuropathy from the Oxaliplatin and that may or may not have caused the rheumatoid arthritis I now have. Neuropathy can lead to RA and vice versa. I'm seven years out... my Onc told me it wouldn't last but he was wrong. I think theybtwll you that so as to not add to the already real fears. I'm ok with that.

Keep us posted on his condition.

And there aren't enough kudos to Jill for starting and maintaining this site. It is so helpful, and I highly recommend it to many people.
My man had the 5-FU. It wasn't the side effects so much as the damn bag that you have to wear for 48 hours that he found so grueling. But we hit upon a solution - a tight spandex shirt - to hold the bottle and tubes tight against his chest so he didn't have to worry about carrying and/or dropping the pouch, pulling out the tubes, etc. I posted a picture of it and blogged about it toward the end of one of my recent posts ("CHEMO, CHIRPING GIZMOS, etc."). You must be thrilled at eight years NED: I am so happy for you. ūüíúūüé∂ūüíź
Hey Sis This is first my time on here in awhile and Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! to Infinity!!! I am saying prayers right now for us all.Love You!. big hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
Danean, "act your age" - if the your photo is fairly recent, there's no way you're going on that big birthday number today?
MGBY all year long,
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Yep, the big Five Oh (no!) today. : ) Thank you for my birthday wish!
i don't know, but I think i missed your birthday... so a month later, happy birthday... everyday is your unbirthday, so each day is a celebration...
this is EVA CASSIDY doing What a Wonderful World... she is a marvelous musician songwriter with a lovely voice.. she died in 1996 from cancer.. she was extremely talented... thought you might like a song by her... you can youtube her for a multitude of her songs..range from ballads to gospel to jazz to blues ..... happy birthday
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Thank you, Neal. I read everything you write here and pray for you often.

Love and hugs to you,

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ps...many of her songs make me cry so I picked one that hopefully will not... you can do that on your own....LOL... I am a mess today for some reason and every other of her songs is hitting the right spot... but she also has upbeat and funky and bluesy... but sometimes I need to let it all out and music is my saving grace on the sad and the joyful notes... hope you are doing well...just wanted to give a proper review of the music and just hearing it's a wonderful world may not give you the sense of the depth of her work... enjoy
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pps...i think you look like her...i just noticed that...
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Hope you are still having a great time every day, and especially this day!!!
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Happy Birthday!!
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