Urgent Advice Needed, Please.

Hi everyone,

I'm doing my prep for a colonoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound and endoscopy right now.  I'm doing the Mirilax prep: Dulcolax at 4PM, then four 32-ounce bottles of Gatorade and 30 day's worth of Mirilax over the next three to four hours.  My scopes start at 8AM.

Last time I did this prep, I ended up throwing up the last two glasses of Gatorade/Mirilax.  That was the first time that'd happened in all of my preps. 

This time, I'm feeling very, very, very queasy after just one 32-ounce bottle.  Here's what I'm trying now to keep them down:

I'm putting them in the freezer so they're as cold as they can get without freezing.

I'm slowing down on my drinking.

I'm using a straw.

How in the world am I going to get this last 96 ounces down when I'm barely keeping the first 32 ounces down?  Please let me know if you have any advice.  I'd SO appreciate any ideas!

Thanks so much!


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I'd call your doctor and ask. The last colonoscopy I had last year, I threw up after finishing everything. That had never happened to me before. But since I had finished everything I didn't bother calling. Good luck tomorrow!
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I was remembering that once the queasiness hit, Cherie. I'm so sorry that happened to you, too. One end is bad enough!
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You are doing what I would do. I know using a straw helps a great deal to just get it down. I wish I had a great tip for you. This prep SUCKS!!!!

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Totally, huh?! Is this the prep you use?
I know I had to drink a LOT of stuff. It took me a lot longer than was directed. There is a shorter prep but my insurance didn't cover it.
Definitely tell your doc that you are having a rough go at drinking all this. I'm sure you are not the first to have trouble with all that liquid. Good luck. Keep us posted. Godspeed!
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Thanks, Jacques. Please feel free to pray for my scopes tomorrow, Buddy.
I certainly will. I believe that prayer and support are what makes BFAC such a wonderful place.:)
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I have to agree with Cherie. Call your Dr. to see what they would advise you to do. Lots of luck tomorrow Danean.
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Thanks, Kevin! They called me and I got a bit of advice, thankfully. (See below.) It's great to hear from you!
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I would try slowing down drinking so maybe you'll keep it down!! Prayers for you all is clear and your able to drink it all!!
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Thanks so much for your prayers! XOXO
Would it be easier to swap the Gatorade with crystal lite? http://www.mchllp.com/mch/ProcedurePreps/Colonoscopy_Prep.pdf
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I already mixed it, but I'm definitely going to look at this and ask around about other prep methods for the next time. This is my second difficult prep in a row. Which prep do you use?
Second all this. I never had to drink Gatorade, TG, I hate the stuff. Seems to me you have WAY TOO MUCH to drink. Call him!
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Thanks, Helen. I also hate Gatorade. I used to drink it when I golfed, but that was before I had to prep with it.

I do this prep every time - the four 32-ounce bottles. It is a LOT of fluids! What prep do you use? It sounds like yours is more tolerable. Maybe they'd be open to me doing your prep instead next time.
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I'm verified this with my records. A week ahead stop taking aspirin. (I was called two days ahead for a sudden open appointment, so I was not able to stop my daily aspirin a week ahead! On the morning of the day. A liquid diet, no red or orange colors. at 2 pm take 2 Dulcolax 5 mg. at 4.30 drink 10 oz of Magnesium Citrate. Repeat at 5 pm and 7:30 pm. Clear liquids as needed. I was up all night pooping and if I do this again I would try just one round of the pills and solution to see if that would be enough. Particularly if you have enough notice you can eat a liquid diet the day before the prep and reduce the amount of solids that have to be pushed out!
The only way I got through was to slow down, rather than follow the directions which said to drink a bunch every 15 min. I remember throwing up early but, by taking my time, I was able to finish the rest.
The doctor was ok with me having lost a glass worth.
Slow and easy, dear Danean. ...And make sure you've got a special treat planned for getting through this.
Hugs and love to you
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Thank you, sweet friend.

I have a note to you in the hopper. It was SO nice to see you post the other day! I've missed you so!

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Holy shit, that is 5 1/2 ounces every 10 minutes if I calculate correctly, using a four hour window. I think that's pushing it. My doc's recipe had me drinking about 3.75 oz every 10 minutes and that wasn't easy, but doable. Just pace yourself, remember this is not a hard and fast thing, even though each doc thinks his prep is the "best". Clean is clean. You will be up all night anyway, but take caution about the NPO after midnight instruction that you probably got. You are not the first person with this issue. Call them and let them know, but the human stomach only holds so much! A straw will help, slow and steady. Don't lie down! If it takes longer than 4 hours, so be it. Just note if your output is clear, (it should be after all this), and that's the goal, remember.
What a shitty way to spend a Wednesday night!
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Yeah, it's a rotten prep, for sure! They say eight ounces every 15 minutes. I've done this prep for all of my scopes in the last almost six years. It's only the last two that I've had trouble keeping down. What prep do you do?

Yes, this is most definitely a shitty way to spend a Wednesday night! haha

Lying down...nooooooooooo! It never crossed my mind!
Thanks so much, you guys! I really appreciate your answers and them coming in so quickly!

So I was just going to call them when they called me to confirm my 7AM arrival. The scheduler asked the nurse and she also said to slow down. The good news was that she said that as soon as I start pooping clear, I can stop. Hooray! I'd never heard that before, but what welcomed news!

We'll call this a wayyyyy TMI UPDATE: I got the next 32-ounce bottle down without barfing it up. Nothing has come out either end yet, so I'm sure once that starts happening, I'll feel less pukey.

Two down, two to go.

Thanks again!
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Holy crap Batman- that's a gallon in 4 hours! I got nuthin'. I'll say a prayer for you Danean.
Thanks so much, John. Yeah, it's a lot! I really appreciate your prayers.
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That's what I was gonna say... when it's clear, you're clear ;) good luck!!
Hi! Sorry but I don't remember ever needing to drink that much...hope you are hanging in there...I go tomorrow morning for PET/CT...starting to get the caffeine free headache going...sorry for not calling you back it has been crazy week, doing a refi and work...Saturday or Sunday morning for me will work and we will both have reason to celebrate survival of the preps & tests...Hugs Jeanne
I love you and I am praying for you.. I will talk to you as soon as we can... wish I was there sis:( hugs Sabina
have you tried eating ice chips in between the cups of gatoraid? try flat 7up or sprite. good luck
I didn't do that prep for mine but I felt like I was going to lose it after the first 8oz, and mine required only 32oz... Whatever you do, you need to kill that lemon/lime flavor. I diluted mine with apple juice and it helped so very much. Another thing that might help is planting your tongue on the bottom of your mouth: the liquid rushes over without affecting most of your taste buds, so you won't taste it (the straw functions the same way). Also don't smell it! Good luck!
And you might also be feeling queasy because 32oz is a lot to get down, let alone 128oz...sheesh.
Im amswering very late but my prep is 4 dulcolax at noon...1 bottle ...258 grs?? Mirilax in 64 ounces of powerade 0...crystal lite...at 2 pm.....not gatore ade as its way to heavy...to much sugar....i never heard of 128 ounces ...thats what i did my first 2 tests then my friend said hef dr said put the bottle of Mirilax in just 32 ounces of liquid....i did that with 3 ducolax....my dr said i was clean as a whistle. So more isnt better.....and i drank chicken broth....made me feek good. Hope u feel better. Xo
Sweetie, by now I hope you have figured this all out and gotten down the rest of that prep. It's lousy, I know. I always get the same prep, but I do not remember having to drink 4 32-ounce bottles of Gatorade. I think I had to mix 238 gms of Miralax with 64 ounces of Gatorade. If I'm reading your post correctly, you are supposed to drink twice as much liquid. I think that sounds wrong and I hope you called your doc. I don't see how anyone could drink that much without throwing up. I hope this is all straightened out for you and that you get your scope as scheduled. May all be fine with your results. Hugs!
Perhaps you can try some ginger tea as ginger helps w/ queasiness. Lots of luck!!
By this time you should almost be finished procedure on you and hope everything got straightened out! Anyway I just wanted to say good luck and I have you in my prayers that all goes well and you are totally NED of any cancer Hugs xoxoxo
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