Anal Cancer, HPV & Marcia Cross

I hope this link works. Bravo to Marcia Cross!

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I love her, it's so wonderful to have a voice and face (as beautiful as hers no less) taking the stigma out this disease. I'm extremely appreciative of her efforts, it couldn't have been easy to come forward and yet she is most definitely saving lives by drawing attention.
Thanks for sharing, Danean!
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Thank you for sharing Danean. I hope you are well!
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Thank you for posting this, Danean! I admire her very much for her honesty and openness about this disease. I hope you are doing well my dear friend! Hugs!
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Hi Danean! Thanks for this link. I have tons of respect for Marcia Cross, a good actor and good human. Miss you😘
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The only good think about bad things is bringing awareness. Marcia Cross (redheads = my Kryptonite) brings a realism of cancer to the public, much like the highly likeable Alex Trebek is bringing a popular face to PanCan. PSA with "The Incredible Hulk" making a commercial with Alex letting others know that some people, even with this disease (PC), can survive another half a dozen years and then some.


John (very busy, but I promise I will post again)
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THanks for posting! We should share this widely outside the "expert" communinity on BFAC...on Facebook if you are a poster there...
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I'm not on Facebook,so I hope others will share it there.

Nice to hear from you! :-)
The same to you! have posted on my anal cancer website and on FB...
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